Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodbye to Blogger?

Well, I knew this day would come sooner before later! I have completely run out of space on this blog for any more picture uploads (that's why the Shock post wasn't complete). I'm on the fence right now whether to start a new blog, either on Blogger or a different domain, or to maybe even to stop blogging. With Facebook, blogging seems a little redundant now (and FB takes way less time!).... but I do enjoy the creative aspect of blogs. I'll let you know what I decide!

We Will... Shock You!

The Keeneys were nice enough to hook us up with some cheap seats from Joe's work.... so off to the Shock game we went! Their season has been a bit shaky so far this year, but you'd never know it from last night's game, we stomped 'em! It was hard cheering against Dallas, but I managed.....

Apparently I'm a rookie again? This pic is totally out of focus, but I couldn't delete it!

Yeah they did!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Carnival 2011

Last night was our last major PTO function of the school year, the Carnival. It's a huge event that is always loads of fun.... and work! Every year that I've been on the board, we've lucked out and had beautiful weather for it and this year was no different. It was a gorgeous day and although Trav, A & I worked our butts off, we thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a little bittersweet, seeing as its our last, but the only thing constant is.... (you know)

The masses, starting to arrive
Our snack table

Our food table, we had some crazies working that, I tell ya! lol

Our principal's car!

The Car Show entries starting to show

Austin wanted to pose in front of the Jeep "for Grandpa Phil"

Some of A's classmates, trying to show the boys how it's done!

Always a big money getter for our auction. I had two photos in it as well from the WSU field trip that actually brought in some decent money too ;)

Kyle and his precious new little boy

Gavin Bear!

A picking his duck

Bren can even fish one handed, he's that good

Mrs Utecht "passing on the radio" to our soon to be new principal

My auction win for the night!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Look Back

Thanks to my awesome Dad & uncle, I've finally been able to get some of my family/childhood pix. The last couple months, I've been uploading, labeling, identifying and editing the ones I could. I now have them done! It's been so cool looking back and learning about my family. My ancestral pix are ones from my mother's side of the family......

I couldn't find a date for this one, but it's of my great grandmother, Essie (far left), and her brother & sister
My great grandparents, Essie & Alpha, on their wedding day, Dec 1914

My great grandfather Charles, left, and his brother

My grandfather, Ted

My grandfather, Ted with his sister

My grandmother, Rose. The one we went to visit on the coast last month!

Grandma Rose again, such a looker!

My grandparents, Ted & Rose, with his sister and her husband. I think this is my gparents' wedding, but I'm not sure

One of the only pix I have of my dad's parents. I put this "collage" together for him

1978-Me! Wow, I have a huge cranium!

1980-w/ my dad's mother. She passed shortly after this

With my dad, chilling with the TV trays!

Daddy's girl

1981-w/ one of our rats

Easter 1981

1982-On our friend's pony

1983-One of my fav pix of me, I look like such a nerd ;)

Rockin' the side pony, you know you're jealous!

1985-For a couple years, I was the "mascot" for the mounted drill team my mom was in. I had to be the mascot b/c I wasn't old enough to officially ride in the parades!

I think this is the 4th of July parade in Fort Worth

1986-Awkward! HATED the dressy dresses!

1988-80s in full force!

Can you find me? Austin did!

1991-One of my fave sports pix

1996-Senior pix

1996-My senior prom w/ Trav. We were babies!